2 - DMG Mini Switch LED, bi colour with V Mount plate

1 - Hive Wasp 100C with V Mount plate

2 - Dedolight DLHM4-300 fresnels

1 - Dedolight DP1 Projector with gobos

2 - Desisti Magis 300-500-650w fresnels

1- LEDZ Brute 9, 5500K LED with V Mount plate

3- Quasar Q5 - 7" tubes (car kit)

2- 2ft Quasar X Crossfade tubes

4- IDX V Mount batteries with charger

1 - LEDZ Brute 3, 5500K LED 

4 - 40” C-Stands w grip arm

2- Matthews slider stands

1- Matthews baby boom arm

2 - 1000w hand dimmer

California Sunbounce  reflector silver/white 3' x 4'

4' x 4' Scrim Jim Cine frame set with silk/grid cloth/ white bounce

Matthews Road Rags Flag kit with Mini Grip kit

Assortment of different sizes of stands

Backdrops for interviews + Background Stand Kit + Westcott ChromaKey Green 

5 - 50" AC Extension Cable with Cube Taps

Support kit with sand bags, mafer clamps, scissor clamps, pony clamps, safety cables,apple boxes, 6” suction cup, black drapes, expendables.

1 - Rock n Roller Utility Cart

Transport: 2018 Subaru Forester


Canon C300 Mk2

Canon 5D Mk 2

Canon 16-35mm f4 L Zoom

Canon 24-70mm f2.8 L Zoom

Canon 70-200mm f2.8 L Zoom 

Canon 135mm f2 L Prime

Canon 50mm f1.2 L Prime

GoPro Hero 4 Silver

Sachtler 100mm Tripod with flight case

Camera Slider

MYT 4 ft camera slider, can take 80 lbs of camera, includes also skater unit and transport case

*Other cameras available via rental 

TV Logic 058w HD monitor

Sanken CS-1e shotgun mic with boom pole

Seinnheiser ew100 g2 wireless lavaliers set

Countryman B3 hardwired lav microphone

Sony MDR-7506 Headphone

Full set of Schneider Classic Soft HD 5 x 5

Full set of Black Classic Soft 4 x 4
Full set of Gold grads 4 x 5.65 

DMT/Editing kit

15" MacBook Pro Retina, 16gig RAM, 2.5Ghz quad-core i7 chip

2- LaCie Rugged 1TB drive with Thunderbolt

CalDigit 6TB Raid

Yamaha HS5 Sound Monitors

DaVinci Resolve 15

Shotput Pro 6

Adobe Photoshop CC 2020

Adobe Lightroom 2020

Using Format